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ENERGY STAR® Energy Efficient Ukiah California Hotel

Posted on 15 Feb 2012 In: Uncategorized

super8ukiah HotelGrowing tourist attraction actually hampers the surrounding of a locality and now it has resulted into dangerous effects like depletion of resources and global warming. Its human that causes all this to happen and its only us who need to take and important step in improving its condition and Super 8 a eco-friendly has seriously taken the responsibility to preserve nature. Ukiah Hotel, California has earned the prestigious ENERGY STAR label of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA’s). It’s the nationalized symbol for advanced energy efficiency and a step towards environmental protection. This indicates that Ukiah, Mendocino County Hotel’s energy performance ranks in the top 25 percentile of hotels hat have constantly improved in offering energy efficient services in the past few years.

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Super8Ukiah HotelSuper8Ukiah of Ukiah, CA continues to set the standard for environmentally-friendly, energy-efficient lodging facilities with new upgrades and installations:

  • AeroVironment electric vehicle charging stations for EV-driving guests
  • Upgrades to parking lot lighting – subsidized by local utility company

UKIAH – Super8Ukiah, Mendocino County’s only green certified hotel, combines modern luxuries with sustainable lodging practices. The property recently upped its green game by becoming the area’s only hotel to offer an on-site electric vehicle (EV) charging station.

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As the tourism industry is growing leaps and bound, the need to care for the hampering of the nature is also increasing. This is no new a fact that global warming and depletion of natural resources is one of the biggest challenges the world is facing, and we as responsible humans should make all the possible efforts to create an environment which is conducive for years of sustenance. Super 8 Ukiah Hotel, an Eco-friendly green hotel, situated at the heart of the Americas greenest wine country, Mendocino, is one of those responsible places that work towards a friendly coexistence between man and nature. Read the rest of this entry »

It’s party time for the wine lovers as the event of the year is all set to delight the wine enthusiasts in the heart of the wine country, Mendocino County. Hopland Passport Wine Tasting is one of those events that brings you the finest of the wines that is sure to enthrall any wine lover. Hopland Passport is a biannual event that showcases small production, boutique wineries in Mendocino County and gives the participants a unique chance to interact with the wine makers themselves in an environment that is blessed with music, food and other much merriment. Read the rest of this entry »

Ukiah Attractions

We often rely on word-of-mouth & media to enlighten us on industry trends & adjustments to this erratic economy, yet one industry that has continued to thrive through this economic turmoil is travel & tourism.

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Solar Living Institute

The Super 8 Ukiah does its part to uphold a standard in caring about the environment here in beautiful Ukiah, California. As a green hotel ourselves, we participate in a unified effort to sustain and promote a preserved environment through daily operational eco-initiatives.

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While our hotel has superior guest accommodations that will make anybody want to stay in, the Super 8 Ukiah team has a strong knowledge of attractions throughout Ukiah and Mendocino County that we encourage you to explore. The great thing about our area is that there is a fusion of long time tradition mixed with constantly new events. We’ve mapped out just a few upcoming events to check out.

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The Whole Family is Invited!

Keeping our guests satisfied is the bare minimum that we at Super 8 Ukiah hold ourselves to each day. Tired of hospitable advertising just to be turned away for bringing your pet? Worry no more because our property welcomes your furry friends to join in on the fun. We strive to make our property the premier destination for all travelers to Mendocino County. In order to ensure this, we would never dream of turning away any Ukiah visitors, because after all, everyone deserves a Super 8 stay!

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Unfortunately, we have all grown to learn that simply caring does not ensure any kind of repayment. However, the hotel industry has always been the exception to the rule. Hospitality is one of the few industry’s where the history of the entire revenue stream is based off of how much organizations care. These days with climate change and the energy crisis, hotels are given a new opportunity to expand to a different market by adapting to the needs of the environment.

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The Perfect Day in Mendocino County
Some destinations have so many activities that it’s almost stressful for travelers. It’s a similar situation in Ukiah, except there is nothing overwhelming about it. There’s a reason we were rated one of the top-ten cities to live in the U.S. In case you do happen to feel a bit stressed out with the decision making, we’ve mapped out the perfect day from start to finish, while staying at Super 8 Ukiah.

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