Unfortunately, we have all grown to learn that simply caring does not ensure any kind of repayment. However, the hotel industry has always been the exception to the rule. Hospitality is one of the few industry’s where the history of the entire revenue stream is based off of how much organizations care. These days with climate change and the energy crisis, hotels are given a new opportunity to expand to a different market by adapting to the needs of the environment.

Naturally, people enjoy doing the right thing. Of course this is a generality but this is a law that regulates many aspects of our society. This is why there is a growing market for the 11 dollar salads and the not-so-cool looking hybrid cars. People who make green improvements on their home typically do not even go on to sell them. What does all of this mean? That there is an inner-satisfaction individuals feel by doing what society would say to be right. This means that if marketed the correct way, green hotels can sweep the market because the public is already naturally attracted to the service.

Even those who wouldn’t go as far as knocking there home down to rebuild a LEED certified house have plenty of potential to pay for a stay in a green hotel, because it is temporary and a new experience. In today’s hotel industry, most are still regularly built, which means that green hotels are still seen as highly unique and stand out. This also caters to the market of consumers who only want to try new services. Similar to the concept that even a poorly made movie can make a profit by strategically marketing just to fill the box office, eco-friendly hotels will gain a fair amount of business from travelers who simply like the idea of trying out or telling others that they have stayed in a green hotel.

Clearly there is an incentive to accommodate guests in an eco-friendly hotel; the only question is what makes a hotel eco-friendly? Super 8 Ukiah completed an audit of the complete property’s compliance of over 70 eco-initiatives and finished the audit with having 32. Super 8 Ukiah conducts efficient waste disposal, water saving strategies, recycling throughout the property, purchasing habits, and many designated eco-initiatives.

Other practices that were released by our property manager were programmable timers and occupational sensors for light systems, use of old news papers for cleaning, double panned Low E windows, employee carpooling, proper disposer of fluorescent light bulbs, and further precautions to assure energy efficiency. Super 8 Ukiah has been awarded a 3 Green Eco-Leaf rating. Our property not only does what we can to care about our guests, but we make various measures that portray our care for our community and environment.