Ukiah Attractions

We often rely on word-of-mouth & media to enlighten us on industry trends & adjustments to this erratic economy, yet one industry that has continued to thrive through this economic turmoil is travel & tourism.

While means of relocating will always sway, the fact that people will always need & want to travel is a trend that has & will remain constant. It is one of the few trends that have not been broken since the beginning of time. With this observation, more effort has been pumped into American tourism, sustaining a high demand for travel. This is why travelers notice a continuing growth & popularity for indulging locations such as Ukiah.

Ukiah has retained a delightful reputation due to its versatility in hosting all different kinds of travelers. Whether you are a young couple, family vacationers, or a business traveler, Ukiah’s attractions would be fitting to any of the above, because all of them impose a sense of peaceful discovery. Between the festivals, vineyards, celebrations and natural attractions, Ukiah is one of the most desired locations in the United States.

All Natural

Home of the largest tree in the world, the prized & beautiful Redwood, Ukiah is undoubtedly a special location when it comes to natural sites & beauty. With Lake Mendocino & Orr Hot Springs, a small day trip encourages one to enjoy the sceneries & tranquility you cannot find elsewhere! Also, there are dozens of delightful wineries & vineyards just minutes away from Super 8 Ukiah!

For a more artistic or historic approach, Ukiah offers a number of memorable sites that travelers have found more than appealing. The Grace Hudson Museum and Sun House display an excellent assortment of work from artist Grace Hudson that portrays contemporary & historic images. The Pomo Cultural center is over 3000 sq ft., and features audio and visual education related to the history of the Pomo Indians. The exhibits leave a lasting image and shade of light of the area’s unique history.

Some Old Fashion Fun with a taste of Mendocino

For family endeavors, the Ukiah Country Pumpkinfest is an extraordinary annual event held in October that celebrates Ukiah’s agriculture, featuring arts & crafts, live music, food, & of course a fiddle contest. Also, every Tuesday from now through October, travelers are encouraged to visit our unique farmer’s markets to shop, & enjoy our homegrown produce from the exquisite lands of Ukiah. Fruits, veggies, cheese & flowers are all you need to enjoy this simple adventure.

For the older crowd Ukiah offers a wide array of fun as well. Comedy Alley is one of many hot spots for people to gather, & enjoy drinks and a great time. Taste of Downtown is an annual summer event like none other, featuring the best wines on a walking tour of downtown Ukiah. Sho Ka Wah & Coyote Valley Casino’s are also nearby attractions that evoke a little bit more of a rush to your vacation.