super8ukiah HotelGrowing tourist attraction actually hampers the surrounding of a locality and now it has resulted into dangerous effects like depletion of resources and global warming. Its human that causes all this to happen and its only us who need to take and important step in improving its condition and Super 8 a eco-friendly has seriously taken the responsibility to preserve nature. Ukiah Hotel, California has earned the prestigious ENERGY STAR label of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA’s). It’s the nationalized symbol for advanced energy efficiency and a step towards environmental protection. This indicates that Ukiah, Mendocino County Hotel’s energy performance ranks in the top 25 percentile of hotels hat have constantly improved in offering energy efficient services in the past few years.

The hotel makes use of energy to an average of 40 % less that the general consumption and releases about 35% less carbon dioxide and helps in the reduction of the gas in the atmosphere. This Wine Country Hotel was able to improve its energy efficient performance by taking a strategic step of undergoing a renovation. Ukiah Hotel made use of cost effective and environmental friendly substitutes that will need lesser energy than the conventional ones. Its close surrounding like Californian wine country and great redwood forest & gives it a reason to deliver services that are eco-friendly and their solutions can be a boon for nature. This Pet Friendly hotel that serves you complimentary breakfast with Hot Waffle and100% organic Coffee /Tea, even understands your love for your pets.

Understanding the need of the hour Ukiah Hotel planned to go green and believed in offering services that are close to nature and still retaining the beauty of the place where it is situated. Economical Wedding Packages offered by the hotel offer services that are eco-friendly. Efficient disposal of waste, water and energy saving strategies, guest rooms feature recycled linen, use of natural light, and making use of appliances that are energy star compliant. Electric vehicle charging station at the hotel gives an opportunity to the Guest to recharge their vehicles and promote vehicles that do not consume fuel and help save energy. Mendocino County Hotel in its program of environment protection make use of old news paper, carpooling for employees, programmable timer, and appropriate use of electricity. Generally hotels get a rating of 50 on 100 in terms of Energy Star Benchmarking but Super 8 Ukiah managed to attain more than 75 which is a needed score for achieving the tag on Energy Star.