We all love to go for places that are close to nature and provide natural environment to run away from the busy city lives. But the point we miss is that by doing so we are also creating an imbalance in those places that are close to nature and need to be protected from the modern casualties tourism industry brings on it.
And that’s why it is best we opt for eco-friendly hotels, that are not only in fashion these days, but also are the need of the hour. As tourism grows, various hotels spring up to fulfill the requirement of growing inflow of tourist. This can have a long lasting impact on places that are still untouched and away from human reach. And to avoid further damage, eco-friendly hotels can be of great help.
On such destination is the city of Ukiah, based in the Mendocino County in California that has set up an example for all other tourist places to follow. Not only are the hotel owners going for eco-friendly hotels, they have also tried to stick to all the basic rules of creating a balance with nature and tourism. It feels great to see such kind of initiatives and when you visit the city and see everyone living a life that disturbs in the nature in least possible way, it gives you a sense of responsibility as well and you also try not to litter the place or make efforts to stick to their way of life. This is what I felt when I visited Ukiah.
I stayed in an eco-friendly hotel called Ukiah Discovery Inn, which I thought was decently priced and provided a comfortable stay. What struck me the most was the way everyone in the hotel worked towards producing as little waste as possible. Not only did they use eco-friendly lifestyle, but also various amenities that the hotel provided were also eco-friendly. And this, I observed was the way of life in Ukiah. Most people, locals as well as those involved in the tourism industry, try to maintain that balance we have lost in our cities.
Heartwarming as this experience was, it was also an eye opener to observe those small town people co-existing with nature without disturbing it. I think you can learn a lot from such places.